Cairo to California is published here!

At long last, the publication of the first public draft of my book

From Cairo to California: A Concise History of Bellydance in Egypt and America

Cairo to California includes stories of the important personages and periods of bellydance evolution from its birthplace in North Africa to its innovations in North America. It is comprehensive but concise, written in an easily accessible language, and thoroughly researched by a cultural anthropologist. It includes a bibliography and glossary of terms. If you are a student of anthropology, dance, women’s history, or world culture studies you will find it a valuable resource for your personal or classroom use.

This draft is sort of a bare-bones publication, with minimal design and few photos or graphics. I hope to include these later and publish again on a separate website. I have embedded YouTube links to pertinent examples throughout the text or you can access the whole playlist here.

I am happy to share this version with everyone for free but please respect the work I put into it by not misappropriating any portions of the book. If you have comments or clarifications—especially regarding historical facts—please send me an email at

Cairo to California is a PDF located on its own page. Just click on the title under the header or click From Cairo to California: A Concise History of Bellydance in Egypt and America

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