new from the editors of Gilded Serpent: THE BELLY DANCE READER

It is a great pleasure to announce the publication of the first ever Belly Dance Reader!!! It is the brainchild of the editors at Gilded Serpent, a long-standing online resource for aficionados of Middle Eastern dance and music. Gilded Serpent offers essays by performers and scholars, as well as event reports, reviews and announcements and remains one of the best online resources for historical information on belly dance. Its publisher, the incomparable Lynette Harris, and her cohort of writers, editors, and proofreaders—volunteers all—have created an anthology of essays on the art, history, and character of modern belly dance.

The Belly Dance Reader presents belly dance in all its forms and variations. It includes histories of ghawazi dancers of 19th century Egypt and of contemporary Improvisational Tribal Styles. Middle Eastern costumes are described and illustrated. Personal essays examine the development of a dancer from novice to professional performer and teacher. Addendum include regional maps, a comprehensive glossary, and an outline of Arabic scales and rhythms. The contributors have all published on Gilded Serpent before and represent the diversity of ideas, commitments, and personalities of the belly dance community. I am delighted to have contributed a short history of the Gypsy/Rom as well as miscellaneous introductions and glossary items.


The Belly Dance Reader

can be purchased for $29.99 at


or at


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