The Fae are Alive and Magic (or something) is Afoot

Have you noticed all the new television serials and major motion pics that are based on America’s classic folktales? On TV right now there’s “Grimm” in which “Grimm” is not a surname but an inherited job description: Grimm’s can see the Fae thru their human guise…and he can kill them. There’s “Once Upon a Time” in which the Evil Queen has cursed Snow White, Prince Charming, and the whole of Fairyland: they are transmuted into a small New England village with no memory of their former magical glory. Until… There’s also “Lost Girl” (my favorite) which involves a rogue succubus who has just learned that there is an entire Fae community divided into good and evil. Which side will she choose?

There are two Hollywood movies about to open at least one with Snow White. I also hear that Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway hit “Into the Woods” is about to be released as a movie.

Now, a season or two ago, we saw Sookie Stackhouse of “True Blood” discover she was a Fairy, tho I never bought that plot line…which is funny for a show with Vampires and shape-changers. But it got me wondering if the resurrection of Fairies and Snow White is some sort of counter-punch to all the Vampires and Zombies of late. Trading the Zombie Hoards for the Seven Dwarves? What do you suppose we are working out here? Or am I reading too much into it…

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