Attention Deficit and the Economic Crisis

Dear Readers

You may have noticed that there has been a dearth of blogging on my blog. Like millions of Americans, my husband and I are caught in a global economic crisis. We try to keep that “global” part in perspective: that it isn’t a personal indictment of our skills and talents; that we are victims of a downward economy. It helps, but lets face it…when you don’t know where rent is coming from, it’s pretty damn personal. And it hurts. Economic trauma shares at least one characteristic with physical pain: it overwhelms your attention.

The omnipresent weight of our situation is often utterly destabilizing. I struggle to remain standing, to maintain my center. Under these circumstances, it is nearly impossible to look beyond my own immediate world to consider the state of world dance. Hence, my inattention to the subject.

I continue to work on my eBook about bellydance (Cairo to California) but my attention deficit has slowed the progress. I do need to continue writing, however. It is good for my brain and for my spirit. But be forewarned: I may not post about dance for a while and turn my focus instead on the culture of economic decline…from a first person point of view. If you would like to continue following my progress, please subscribe to DDTT (it just asks for your email so you can be notified directly when I post—as it stands I’ve been doing it myself through email) or find me on Facebook where new posts are automatically updated.

Thanks for your continued readership, and I hope you will hang in there with me as I find my new direction.

Your scribe,


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