A Weekend in Santa Cruz

Charles watching the show

After reading two newspaper articles about the local humpback whale population hanging around the harbor, Charles and I decided it was time to go whale watching. We saw about 5-8 whales putting on a show less than a mile from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. My little camera is really not up to the task and the pix don’t give any indication of the grandeur of these creatures. But Charles got a birthday treat when one of them began slapping her tail right in front of the boat. Here’s some video.

Saturday was Thrill the World which I usually look forward to. This year I dragged myself down with minimal makeup on (I threw away all my old makeup a few months ago–some of it dated back to the 80s. The purge, however, left me with one eyeliner pencil and a lipstick. What’s a zombie to do?). The dance went by so quickly I hardly new it happened! And I wished we could do it one more time.

Still, it cheered me a bit and Charles and I went to the Santa Cruz Diner for his birthday dinner. We’ve eaten at the diner before, of course, but it wasn’t until Guy Fieri praised their “pho” (pronounced ‘fa,’ its a Vietnamese noodle soup) on his show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives that we actually noticed it on the menu. But once we tasted it that we had to have more. The broth is a revelation, as Charles called it, with wonderful tones of star anise and cloves. By far the most interesting new taste in years. And the bowl is big enough for a child to bathe in! If you go, go hungry because they don’t do take-out or doggie bags for the pho.

The Ladies of Song and Jazzercise

Sunday morning was really the first fun I’ve had in a long time. The Boulder Creek Jazzercisers, some of whom have been doing this together for twenty years, like to ham it up for the holidays. And ham wasn’t far off the menu as one instructor dressed as Lady Gaga in her slabs-of-meat costume. We also saw Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Rhianna (I think) (and one more that I’ve forgotten already). They took turns teaching a class of about twenty students, most of us in costumes. Doing Jazzercise this bunch of women really does lift my spirits.

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  1. Audrey says:

    Cristina Aguilar

  2. Hallie says:

    Renee This is a great blog! Happy to find it online… hope you are well!

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