Stop the War and Dance!

I sometimes run across websites or articles that are so wonderful that I have to share them. Jeffrey Page’s Huffington Post essay is a case in point. Page, choreographer to Beyonce Knowles, expresses the experience of dancing with exquisite insight and asks us what would happen if we put down our military weapons and danced together. He rightly proposes that if we just “let go and let dance” we can transcend politics and alienation. Stop the war and dance, he says, and I’m going find a way to do it. Thrill the World is coming up…thats a fun way to join together and dance…look for an event near you.

While I have your attention, I am happy to announce that my review of TF 11, “Tribal Fest 11: A Sensory Extravaganza,” has been published in the latest volume of The Belly Dance Chronicles (Volume 9, Issue 4, Oct/Nov/Dec, 2011). The Chronicle is a print magazine devoted to the grassroots growth of Middle Eastern dance in America. My review was written exclusively for this publication and does not replicate the review of TF 11 that I published earlier in this blog.

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