Let’s Play Catch Up…

I am so behind in writing that I haven’t had time to tell you all about my weekend at Tribal Fest (un-be-fucking-lievable), FCBD’s Devotion concert (a return to our American bellydance roots), or even Siwa’s and Helené’s  folkloric troupe performances yesterday at the Crepe Place. I have written reviews of the first two of these events for other publications (TBA) but I keep hoping I can write something less formal for you. I’ll keep hoping. I hope you have read my posts about the NYC Theatre Hat Trick: NYC Ballet’s Jewels, How to Succeed in Business, and Measure for Measure in three days. It was a blast. Here are a few pix from the Crepe Place yesterday.

Dancers of The Crescent Moon

Sister's of the Desert Sky perform a Tunisian dance

I’m way behind on my research too. Should have completed umpteen interviews by now but I keep putting it off. We (my husband, Charles, and I) are still adjusting to his layoff. I think its been about 4 weeks since we began living and working together at home full time. And I have to say we are doing just fine. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to work with him laying around. Luckily, he’s not laying around. He created a neat little office for himself in a corner upstairs where he works full time to find a new and better job. We are fairly optimistic about that. (We kinda have to be.) Meanwhile, I have my little office in the livingroom and we get to have lunch together. Its all good.

Charles' office has a bass guitar

My office has windows

Charles also started his own blog, charlesruhe.wordpress.com. He is currently blogging about his return to the aikido mat after a ten-year absence. He’s a great writer. I hope you’ll check it out.

Hey, did you know that Crystal’s back in town? Teaching all over Bay Area. Here in SC on Saturday. And, did you know that Rivendell has moved to bigger quarters across the alley? Check it out.

ciao babies

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One Response to Let’s Play Catch Up…

  1. Arden says:

    NY trip sounded great. You will adjust to another way of life. Be well. Arden

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