Phantom of Delight

Charles and I recently discovered a new brand of chocolate bar called Chocolove. (We especially love the Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate.) Inside the wrapper of every bar is a love poem by classical poets like Shakespeare and Dickenson. Here is the poem that came inside the one we opened yesterday.

She was a Phantom of delight

When first she gleam’d upon my sight;

A lovely Apparition, sent

To be a moment’s ornament:

Her eyes as stars of twilight fair;

Like twilight’s too, her dusky hair;

But all things else about her drawn

From May-time and the cheerful dawn;

A dancing shape leading away,

To haunt, to startle, and waylay…

William Wordsworth

Sounds like my imp of the redwoods, doesn’t it?

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1 Response to Phantom of Delight

  1. arden sumner schwartz says:

    fetching, is’nt he? like a strange Troll………Arden

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