Cambodian dance project

Dear Reader:

From time-to-time I receive info on interesting dance projects. I’m passing on this information about a project Philadelphia’s Miro Dance Theatre has embarked on.

“We’ve been putting the word out like mad and hope you find it interesting. Amanda Miller and her creative partner Tobin Rothlein (co-creative directors of Miro) are living, working and creating art in Cambodia for the next 6 weeks. This adventure is being supported by The Pew Center Arts & Heritage through Dance Advance.

Her blog can be found at:

Some highlights from the trip so far include the opening of ISOLATIONS at the MetaHouse in Phnom Penh, a glimpse into Cambodian nightlife at the Karaoke Club, and video footage of Amanda and fellow dancers cleaning out the alter at the Khmer Arts Studio.

Keep checking the back with us to follow their Cambodian experience.

Rose Luardo for Miro Dance Theater”


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One Response to Cambodian dance project

  1. Dianne says:

    This is so interesting – thanks for posting it! Will be fun to follow….

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