Our Responses to the Tragedy in Tucson

I don’t know if its and American thing or a product of American politicians and press, but the country seems obsessed with finding simplistic “either-or” answers to the most dramatic human tragedies. That is a stupid and dangerous way to live. I am certain homo sapiens are capable of understanding that answers to these complex crises are of the “both-and” category. The shooting in Tucson happened because of the hyberbolic political rhetoric AND our public neglect of mental illness AND a complete lack of sensible gun control AND who knows what else. It is never a single cause; it is a constellation of circumstances or stimuli that make us what we are. Instead, when we have a social disaster, we have everyone pointing away from themselves or dismissing it as an anomaly or suggesting that god had a plan. That’s the ultimate excuse, isn’t it? God found these assassinations necessary for his big important Plan. All we can do is pray for understanding. No wonder nothing ever changes.

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