2010 DDTT Year in Review

There was nothing special about 2010: no big personal gains or losses, although the last quarter of 2010 was particularly difficult. I tried lots of new things. I attempted to work as a volunteer at the local library (very bad idea…very stressful…I quit and was immediately relieved). I worked as a personal assistant and was fired for my poor bookkeeping skills. I am currently picking up work as a high school SAT and writing tutor, which I find enormously rewarding (fingers crossed on this career possibility). And I am suffering from generalized growing pains—I’m growing into an old lady. If you remember your adolescence, you know that growing is both physically and mentally painful and confusing. No different today as I grow not-so-gracefully towards my senior years.

I helped establish the Santa Cruz Dance Salon and created a blog for SCD.com. I taught dance and studied hula. I stopped teaching dance and studying hula and started taking Jazzercise (very good idea: inexpensive, local, and aerobic). I started work on a book about local bellydancers that seems to have dead-ended (maybe I’ve been writing the wrong book). And I complained about the economy and wrote reviews of dance for my blog.

This year, (not counting National Dance Week or the SC and SF Ethnic Dance Festivals), I saw belly, odissi, capoeira, kathakali, Polynesian, flamenco, and contemporary dancers. I was particularly honored to have seen master artists Anna Halprin, Tito Seif, Tandy Beal, Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, TeVaka, and The Indigo. I hope to have more of these opportunities in the coming year.

I am honestly not sure where this blog will go in 2011. We will see our usual television dance competitions—SYTYCD, DWTS, and ABDC—plus Paula Abdul’s new one (so far, not promising). The dance festivals will come and go; local performers will perform. I may continue to simply review these as I have in the past. But I know I need some fresh material, a fresh approach and purpose, maybe even a fresh name. Don’t entirely know what that will add up to (if you have any ideas please tell me), though there are a number of powerful dance documentaries I’d like to introduce to you. They address dance as a survival tactic, a means to creating peace, and a process of healing both personally and socially.

I hope you will stay tuned.

Happy New Year, Renée

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One Response to 2010 DDTT Year in Review

  1. Dianne says:

    Hi Renee. I enjoy your blog and I hope you continue it. And that you continue with your book, whatever book it ends up being. I write too and I find books can be awkward sometimes. I have added this blog to my blogroll and wondered if you would add mine to yours. Happy New Year, regards, Dianne.

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