Tandy Beal press release

I don’t usually promote so boldly. I do so now only because Tandy and friends have added an interactive aspect that you might be interested in participating in before the September show. This multi-media theater production explores the afterlife thru our beliefs, feelings, experiences, or traditions. The interactive part is a website where you can log your stories on the subject. There are already many examples up and you can browse them to get a better sense of what they are looking for. Read on for details of this performance and other related events:


MEDIA CONTACT: Jana Marcus jamarcus@cabrillo.edu

Tandy Beal and Jon Scoville will premiere HereAfterHere: A Self-Guided Tour of Eternity September 10-12 at the new Cabrillo Crocker Theatre in Aptos, California. This  full length work, about what we think happens after we die, combines Ms. Beal’s long-term investigation of dance, visual narrative, circus, text and music to make a rich mosaic of both contemporary and traditional concepts of the afterlife. If there is one, where is it located? Why is it exclusionary? Why might it be for eternity? How do we get in and what’s the price of admission? An evening featuring a mix of the poignant, the wistful, the comic, the outrageous and the chimerical, HereAfterHere will ravel up the dream wisps of the long sleep, “from whose bourne no traveler returns.”

In previews, this show sold out all 4 performances.

Beal once again breaks new ground by inviting the community into the art-making process. In order to engage the community in a conversation about a possible afterlife, there is a website (tandybeal.com/hereafterhere) where the public can log in their thoughts and as well as read others’ thoughts. Some of the stories will be included in the show. Public interviews continue for people to share their thoughts on video. This is a rare chance to participate in the unfolding of the art-making process.

Video segments reflecting on the subject will be featured with works by local artists Jess Damsen, Denise Gallant, Ben Jaffe and Bruce Lee and Ellen Bromberg. Dancers and actors are directed by Tandy Beal with original music by Jon Scoville. The opening celebrates the new musical CD release of this show as well.

As Beal says, “For over thirty years I have been making dances, performing, writing, directing, teaching, running non-profits and, through it all, dreaming … trying to make sense of this life by making moving images. My creative work springs from a sense of the great mystery of being here on this strange planet and the desire to communicate about this with a wide range of the community in celebration and/or in wonder.”

WHAT:  HEREAFTERHERE A Self-Guided Tour of Eternity Original Dance, Music and Multi Media Directed by Tandy Beal

WHERE: Cabrillo Crocker Theatre, Aptos  CA

WHEN:  Friday and Saturday September 10, 11 at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 3 pm

Additional items:

Friday September 10: There will be a benefit and reception on opening night for Hospice SC. Tandy Beal and Company are donating tickets to their organization. For further details call: 831-430-3000 Tickets $50

Monday August 16, 7:30PM HereAfterHere: THE MULTI MEDIA EXPERIENCE A Panel on video and live theatre with exceptional video artists Denise Gallant (AFI, NBC, ABC, CBS), Bruce G. Lee (Apple and Sun ), Ben Jaffe (Geek Speak and Stanford’s Digital Academy), Nada Miljkovich (MFA DANM)  held at the Digital Media Factory…and televised by Community TV. These artists have worked collaboratively with Tandy on the upcoming concert and have done many projects in their own right. FREE

August 23: Jon Scoville releases his new CD HereAfterHere, original commissioned music for the production. Available today at Albertsbicycle.com, the concerts and August 24 at the Bookshop SC. Jon has been Tandy’s collaborator (and co-conspirator!) for 30+ years. He has composed music for Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis, Laura Dean, Sara Rudner, and the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Hovik Ballet (Norway), Oakland Ballet, for the Pickle Family and Moscow Circuses. His music has been heard on National Public Radio, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Belgrade—and in Paris’ Théâtre de la Ville, Fête à Aix, Kyoto’s American Center, Tokyo’s Seibu Theatre, Rio’sTeatro Armazém, festivals in Verona, Pamplona and Santander, concerts in Athens, Brno, Sarajevo, and Valetta, and on national TV stations in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. Music for gallery installations on 3 continents and corporate work for LucasFilms, Capitol Exhibits, and Digital Equipment Corp. Author of Sound Designs, published by 10 Speed Press, a book on construction of percussion instruments and used by Stomp. He founded SAMBA GRINGA, a 25-member band playing the percussion music of Brazil, New Orleans, and Felton at the 2002 Olympic Arts Festival, the World Ski Jumping Championships, and the Park City Film Festival, among others. He has 6 other cds available that range from shake-your-boody music to spirit callings like this one.

Tuesday August 24, 7:30 PM: There will be a book discussion at the Bookshop Santa Cruz on Sukie Miller’s book Afterdeath. Tandy Beal will read and show video clips from her new work HereAfterHere: A Self-Guided Tour of Eternity. A Hospice Representative, Janet Boudreau will also speak. And the first copies of Jon Scoville’s new CD of the music for the concert will be available. Jon was the very first Bookshop employee in 1967! FREE.

Saturday September 11, 3 PM: Cultural and Religious Attitudes on the Afterlife A Symposium with prominent religious speakers will be held at the Cabrillo Crocker Theatre with  Rabbi Paula Marcus, Tibetan Buddhist Lama Tharchin, Nancy Abrams, Philosopher/ scientist, Patrick Conway (Resurrection Catholic Church) FREE

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