Possessed by Gwen Verdon

Yesterday, I was inspired to paint my bedroom alcove. To do that kind of work you need a soundtrack. I chose “Beyond the Sea,” the movie musical in which Kevin Spacey plays Bobby Darin. That in turn inspired me to pull out my precious, old Bobby Darin LPs. Darin’s singing inspired me to dance

and dance I did, like a mad showgirl I danced. I think I was possessed by Gwen Verdon. I tried to stop once, but what Lola wants Lola gets, and Mama Verdon wanted me. I found myself at the mercy of her spirit, the spirit of mid-2oth century jazz dance. You should have seen me. Shimmies shaking, jazz hands flying, striking poses that Bob Fosse would have been proud of. I danced myself to exhaustion, collapsing to the ground.

When I awoke from my trance, I went straight for the Aleve.

Thanks to Kevin Spacey, Bobby Darin (Did you ever hear him sing “Jailer Bring Me Water”? When he does that catch in his voice, he still makes me weak in the knees), Bob “Hips Don’t Lie” Fosse, and my loa, Mama Gwen Verdon.

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